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Mason Soccer Alumni: College Players

The Boosters congratulate all Wm. Mason High School graduates who choose to continue their education after high school.
(We are in need of more alumni information to complete our records. Please send an email to the   if you can help us out.)
We also salute those who have continued their soccer careers at the collegiate varsity level:

  Name Class College
  Grady Johnson 2023 Bellarmine Universtiy
  Emilia Geren 2022 Thomas Moore University
  Luke Thomas 2022 Asbury University
  Levi Kelly 2022 Taylor University
  Ben Knight 2022 Ohio Northern University
  Gage Foster 2022 Ohio Northern University
  Sam McKee 2021 Ohio Northern University
  Micah McReynolds 2021 Eastern Illinois University
  Ben Damge 2020 University of Kentucky
  McKenna Egan 2018 Miami University
  Crystal Gluchowski 2018 Oberlin College
  Annie Metzger 2018 University of Cincinnati
  Jade Myers 2018 Anderson University
  Olivia Popovich 2018 Xavier University
  Jordan Reddington 2018 Xavier University
  Emma Schewe 2018 Wittenberg University
  Madison Spiker 2018 University of Southern Indiana
  Philip Springsteen 2018 Wheaton College
  Ben Wendell 2018 University of Cincinnati
  Joseph Grimes 2017 Wright State University
  Brooke Radcliffe 2017 Tusculum College
Toni Bizzaro 2016 Xavier University
Evan Couchot 2016 Endicott College
Bryce Curran 2016 Xavier University
Drew Grisham 2016 Transylvania University
Connor Hawkins 2016 College of Wooster
Jacob Petrey 2016 Northern Kentucky University
Gary Zhao 2016 University of Chicago
Emma Thacker 2015 Wittenberg University
Haley Moses 2015 Ohio Northern University
Tessa Stewart 2015 Davis and Elkins College 
Ellie Tomasonni 2015 Tusculum College
Meghan Grable 2015 Savannah College of Art And Design
Jill Vetere 2015 University of Louisville/University of Cincinnati
Brady Daulton 2015 Case Western Reserve University
JJ Iroh 2015 University of Cincinnati
Chloe Knue 2014 Miami University
Conner Couchot 2014 Endicott College
Jack Clark 2014 University of Cincinnati
Josh Grant 2014 Xavier University
Caleb Griffith 2014 Messiah College
Kathy Connor 2013 Capital University
Madison Melnick

University of Cincinnati
Sami Rutowski 2013 Northern Kentucky University
Carolyn Springsteen 2013 Lipscomb University
Connor Bauer 2013 Bellarmine University
Evan Cranfield 2013 Cincinnati State
Pedro Diaz 2013 University of Cincinnati
David Matthias 2013 University of Findlay
Morgan Cole 2012 Hanover College
Courtney Hackney 2012 Tusculum College
Mackenzie Money 2012 Roosevelt University
Gabby Whitt 2012 Tusculum College
Jae Atkinson 2011 University of Cincinnati
Annie Beard 2011 Ohio University
Liz Finley 2011 Ohio University
Ryan Goodhew 2011 Trine University
AJ Vergara 2011 Ohio Northern University
Mason Hoge 2010 Ohio Wesleyan University

Kimmy Connor 2010 Ohio Northern University
Megan Frye 2010 Northern Kentucky University
Courtney Hoenicke 2010 St. Bonaventure University
Kristin Leist 2010 Indiana University
Tina Mathur 2010 Baldwin Wallace College
Skylar Chew 2009 Ball State University
Courtney Collins 2009 Georgia Southern University
Rachel DeFrank 2009 Valparaiso University
Megan Matula 2009 Western Michigan University
Hailey Morris 2009 Emory University
Jordan Grant 2009 Northern Kentucky / Taylor University
Zach Patterson 2009 University of Cincinnati
Katie Broerman 2008 Wright State University
Erin Hammerman 2008 Butler University
Dori Steele 2008 Wright State University
Seth Petrey 2008 Wright State University
Garrett Szabo 2008 Ohio Dominican University
Paul Traxler 2008 Malone University
Niro Wimalasena 2008 Case Western Reserve University
Noel Amend 2007 Urbana University
Ali Bagley 2007 University of South Carolina / Western Michigan University
Chelsea Baysore 2007 Georgetown (KY) College
Darien Cooper 2007 Ashland University
Dani Crotty 2007 Lynchburg (VA) College
Ellie Koutny 2007 Capital University
Ashley Lintz 2007 Bowling Green State University
Susan McKinley 2007 University of Evansville
Allison Ott 2007 Northern Kentucky University
Ashley Wheaton 2007 University of Findlay 
Ryan Winkler 2007 Bellarmine University
Faith Juillerat 2006 Bowling Green State University
Andrew Moore 2006 Cincinnati State
Zach Parr 2006 Cincinnati State
Maddy Pittman 2006 Alabama A&M
Arun Sathyanathan 2006 Bowling Green State University
Ashley Thompson 2006 University of Louisville
RJ Winkler 2006 Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
Stacy Chew 2005 University of Dayton
JJ King 2005 IUPUI
Madison Lipka 2005 Bellarmine University
Courtney Mink 2005 Ohio University
Tiffany Wentzel 2005 University of Akron
Ashley Whited 2005 Xavier University
Sarah Gaunt 2004 University of Kentucky
Katie Hepfinger 2004 New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kyle Morris 2004 Thomas More College
Rachel Valle 2004 Bellarmine University
Danielle Young 2004 Ohio University
Shannon Chew 2003 Miami University
Raetta Hord 2002 Kent State University
Rachael Minnich 2002 West Virginia University
Ashley Wentzel 2002 Bowling Green State University
BJ Gregory 2001 Urbana University
Amy Ott 2001 Notre Dame College
Stacey Shull 2001 Ball State University
Greg Staten 2001 Wilmington College
Justin Thompson 2001 Urbana University
Chad Wells 2001 Urbana University
Tiffany Lawson 2000 Tulane University
Erika Flanders 1999 Bowling Green State University
Jaimie Hurley 1999 Miami University
Katie Barnes * 1998 West Virginia University
Leslie Hepfinger 1998 Bowling Green State University

* Also played professionally