This site is provided by the Mason Soccer Boosters in support of the soccer program at Wm. Mason High School in Mason, Ohio.
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Mason, OH
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Mason Soccer Boosters Club

The Mason Soccer Boosters is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) of parents and fans who volunteer their time for the benefit of the Mason High School soccer program.

The Boosters have several fundraisers during the year. The money is used to purchase equipment and/or specialized training for the soccer program. In the past, items such as soccer bags, warm-ups, rebounders, pinnies, futsal balls, and practice goals have been purchased by the Boosters. In addition, the funds provide scholarships to college-bound Mason students whose parents participate in booster fund-raising activities. The boosters also provide game write-ups for local newspapers and assist coaches with team statistics.

The Boosters reach out to the local soccer community with youth soccer nights and opportunities for area teams to serve as ball girls/boys for varsity matches.

There are many different volunteer opportunities for soccer players and parents. Please pitch in and help. Your participation is both strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Booster Officers for 2021

President Brice Westring & Jaime Westring    
Vice-President (Boys) Jayme Cochran    
Vice-President (Girls) Pete Searles    
Secretary Mark Dobrowski    
Treasurer Sarah Schaufele    
Web Masters Areef Ahamad    
  Azra Ahamad    


Booster Committees for 2020 / 2021

Mason Pre-Season Classic  Deborah Thomas  
Spirit Wear Kathleen Brogan  
MABA Rep Mike Haller  
Volunteering Mary Dahlgren  
Ball Boys Mike Brogan  
Ball Girls Michelle Beach  
Alumni Tail Gate n/a
Facebook/Twitter Admin Melissa Haller
After Prom Jen Heckler  
Stuff the Stands - Girls n/a  
Stuff the Stands - Boys n/a  
Scholarship - Boys / Girls Lora Wettengel/Gloria Crowe  
Senior Night - Boys     Deborah Thomas  
Senior Night - Girls Melissa Haller  
Concessions Coordinator M. Sanneman / S. Hummel  
Concessions Inventory/Stocking
  M. Sanneman / S. Hummel  
Concessions - Girls JV White Opener M. Dobrowski / M. Dahlgren
Concessions - Girls JV Green Opener M. Sanneman
Concessions - Girls Varsity Closer Julie Morris
Concessions - Boys JV White Open/Closer Diane Bilo
Concessions - Boys JV Green Opener Jamie Westring
Concessions - Boys Varsity Closer TBA



Team Parents

  Team Photographer

/ Videographer   

Team Statistician 

Varsity Girls Nancy Thomas David Hummel / Scott Thomas Mike Haller
JV Green Girls Sarah Schaufele Robin Speas Michelle Sanneman
JV White Girls Christine Auriana / Britton Maier TBA
Varsity Boys Emily Kelly Joseph Beauchot Kris Fitz
JV Green Boys     Mike Hernandez Robin Moody Kurt Louis
JV White Boys Jessica Krueger Alok Garg Brent Kuhlman

Booster Meetings

Meetings are generally scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 pm at James Third Base.

Booster meetings do not occur during the summer months as they are replaced with the Pre-Season Classic tournament meetings.

Check the calendar and/or scrolling marquee on the home page to confirm the time and location.  


Booster Scholarship Application

***Found in Documents under Scholarship Info