This site is provided by the Mason Soccer Boosters in support of the soccer program at Wm. Mason High School in Mason, Ohio.
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Mason, OH
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Board Positions

Vice President – Boys
Vice President – Girls

All officers are responsible for preparing the budget and overseeing the general income and expenditures of the soccer boosters.  Board also administratively oversees all activities and committees associated with Mason Soccer Boosters.
Primary Responsibilities of Officers

President –

  1. Preside at booster meetings
  2. Represent the organization or appoint a representative when representation is advisable.  Including representative for Mason Athletic Association Boosters (MABA).  President may appoint a MABA representative to represent soccer boosters
  3. Act as liaison between Mason Soccer Boosters and the soccer coaches and/or Athletic department
  4. Tournament co-Director

Vice President –

  1. Coordinate volunteers for committee chairs, committees and activities
  2. Act as liaison with soccer booster parents
  3. In the absence or disability of the President, perform duties of the President
  4. Tournament weekend coordinator.  Example:  Boys VP for the boys weekend, Girls VP for the girls weekend

Secretary –

  1. Keep the attendance and minutes of all organizational minutes
  2. Keep such other records as required
  3. Manage correspondence distributed to all soccer boosters

Treasurer –

  1. Keep the financial records of the organization and reporting of those records
  2. Will follow necessary accounting practices required by Mason City Schools Board of Education and its Treasurer
  3. Collect for deposit all monies and pay bills on approval of the organization and it’s officers

All officers will perform all other duties usually incident to the offices they hold.